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Common Logo Custom Methods

Branded promotional products , corporate gifts can be decorated in a number of ways.  Please find the 6 most common ways to decorate an item with your company logo or message:

1.Screen Print

Screen printing is a decoration method that most commonly imprint on most of products.  It involves the pressing of ink onto the product through a screen that has your design incorporated into it.  We can screen print up to 6 spot colours or print in full colour process.PMS colour matching is acceptable.

Before proceed a printed sample, we will email you a proof for your approval first.

2.Pad Print

Pad print often uses on curvy-surface models such as pen,ball,round power bank... Pad printing is a flexible print process that allows us to print on unusual and curved surfaces.Your logo is made into film which is transferred onto a soft silicone pad, Ink is involved and printed onto product.

3.Full colorful print

Full color imprinting could print the logo in gradients, color blending and many colors by working on light and neutral-colored products'finish (white, silver). The full color imprinting also called 4 process color printing; it works on a flat plane for most products. Up to four precise colors can be brilliantly displayed on most of products.

4.Laser Engraving

Suitable for decorating hard finish objects,such as metal or wooden product.

Laser engraving produces a subtle and permanent high quality decoration.The laser removes a small amount of the product’s surface giving an ‘etch’ effect.  It is permanent and will not scratch off.

5.Embossing logo

Embossing logo often uses on leather products.Your logo can be permanently stamped onto any of our leather models giving them a classy touch.Embossing is an artistic technique which creates a raised, or 3-dimensional, image on a piece of leather.

6.Doming logo

Doming Imprint process utilizes a full color process printed logo covered with an acrylic dome, giving us a very durable, full color logo option. Your full color logo is printed on high grade vinyl paper, and then covered with a clear flexible material allowing your branding to really shine through.



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